purchase much?

(Forever 21 dress, Wet Seal belt, vintage shades)

probably the longest break I have ever had, summer was a whirlwind and I started college this week! Some dancer friends are in the shots..very fun. Dance conservatory baby! Excited to fall back into routine and start blogging more, I'm going to NYC this weekend so that'll be a start.


your name is on my ceiling

(Goodwill jean jacket, Urban Outfitters romper, burlap Toms)

About 2 weeks ago I crossed over to the hipster side and got bangs. I pulled out a picture of Zooey Deschanel and said, "Do that."

I definitely feel more like myself, probably because I had them from ages 3-6. Side note for the future: DO NOT GET THEM DURING SUMMER. It is quite toasty, therefore they stick to your forhead and a whole lotta hot mess happens.


jacob's pillow pd.

Sorry for the long break! I went to Boston for a few days for a dance trip. We were able to perform at the legendary Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, where all kinds of dance legends have performed (examples are Margot Fonteyn, Merce Cunningham, etc.). Such an amazing time! I have a lot of dance action shots but those will be coming shortly :)


drama club

(Crossroads top, Forever 21 skirt, Target sandals)

Lazy Sunday for sure..went out to get facial cleansing wipes, came back with two shopping bags: one from Target, one from Goodwill. Ahh, the joys of retail therapy :)

Found a classic denim jacket for $11 that will last me a lot of ensembles, and I stocked up on dance/exercise clothes for college. BFA in dance, let's do this!!


they weren't looking

(American Apparel shorts, Nordstrom tank, Forever 21 vest, Hue socks, Urban Outfitters oxfords)

Oh dear, I look like an 8 year old boy...

My mom said I looked cute though so that's special :)

Anyway, took a road trip to Foresthill because it was around 104 degrees at home..was a bit of a drive so I goofed with the camera in the car(clearly because you can see my lovely water bottle). Stopped at this cute boutique called PJ's Collectibles, had random dolls and vintage bridal dresses. But here's the kicker: I found a pair of Current/Elliot Boyfriend jeans on sale for 20 dollars! From an original $215!!
Oh man words cannot express how exciting and rare this occasion is...


old old navy

Since Erin Wasson is the queen of tomboy and a personal style icon of mine, I thought I might get inspired by her awesomeness and test drive the whole menswear movement..so far I've made some excellent progress, I got some boxers on sale at old navy (which I will only be sleeping in) and a 3-pack of Hanes vnecks. Gotta start somewhere right??

Currently on my wishlist (and the only thing on my wishlist these days) is a DSLR..preferably a Canon 5D since I am a huge Canon fan :) but I know that will never happen so we'll see how it goes...


bistro bike ride

(thrifted dress)

Wore this to the movie theater(saw Super 8..excellent movie!) and out to dinner with my papa :) I love you so much and happy father's day!!


dont fall that way

(Forever 21 cardigan, thrifted shirt, Levi's shorts)

Lazy saturday..the most beautiful weather this area has had in a few months. Went out to a cute vintage-y yogurt shop called Honey Treat..had to wear just the basics since I was in my pjs practically the entire day.


a few of my favorite things

Since I've been inside all day I have been looking for inspiration in general. Two names come to mind: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Zooey Deschanel. Enough said.


and summer begins(ish)

Went to this music festival called BFD(guess what it stands for) and had an epic time! There were dozens of good bands, but the highlights for me were in order of picture:

-Young the Giant
-Middle Class Rut
-Foster the People

Lots of nice festival style too, wore my mom's denim work shirt with jeggings, boots, and my straw fedora(which i got compliments on). So caught up in the music I forgot to take a pic :( Summer has officially started! despite the coudy day...


let's get out of here

(Sparkle & Fade sweater, Tilt vest, Aero jeans)

This is what I do on a typical Friday night..be jealous ;)



(H&M sweater, Urban Renewel shorts, Forever 21 tank, H&M necklace, Wanted oxfords)

Today I'm going to Old Town Sacramento to check out Evangeline's, which is this really cool costume/misc boutique. You can always find unique trinkets there!

And here's some of my artwork... (graphite only)


cuz' you can fall if you want to

(Goodwill dress, vintage necklace and headband)

Simple LBD, strand of pearls, swipe of red lipstick, good to go. Perfect for a rainy day dress-up.