rave on, tell me how

I know it seems as if I've gone off the radar, but only because being a conservatory student is hard as shit! I dance 20+ hours a week with added rehearsals, so I can barely manage time to sleep, let alone maintain a social life. So that is why I've decided to share what a typical weekend in New York consists of for me. Originally a small photoshoot, it turned into such a fun project my friends and I decided to keep doing it every weekend. Only a preview for now, but more to come! xoxo


spring concert

There are times when you should just skip the bullshit talk and just say: what a FUN weekend. Final performance of my freshman year of college, got to see Tycho(pictured) and Islands, and took a lovely stroll through campus woods. Enough said.


in the arena

(Goodwill jean jacket, thrifted skirt, bag- gift from my Dad) Went to see The Hunger Games in White Plains, very adequate but I read the books first and nothing can top those :) Cool story about the dowdy g-ma skirt, bought it in a store in San Francisco Mission district..It was a weigh-and-pay type store. Like frozen yogurt. Yuuummm.