spring essentials

These are my super life savers for spring/summer:
Rosebud Salve,
Build A Tan (I am albino),
and Bed Head After Party to tame my frizzies in the humidity(ish)

Hooray! Let the new beauty regimen begin! xoxo


seventy six

(Splendid purple top, Banana Republic green top, secondhand necklace, Aero jeans, Payless sandals)

Today was such a warm day..nice and sunny! I enjoyed the chic yet comfiness shirt..who knew it was Banana Republic?? love it :)


clear your head

(Aero top and jeans, secondhand earrings and necklace, claire's and secondhand rings)

Hello friends! Sorry for the break..it has been endless days of cold, wet rain and the only thing I lived in was my snuggie :) Today was a beautiful day and I felt like wearing some new bargains I bought a while back..the earrings were lovely but really heavy, which was unfortunate since one of my ears was infected..blechh xoxo


helena beat

(Urban Outfitters floral romper and long necklace, Delias cardigan, h&m bow necklace)

It was such a great, beautiful day until my long necklace broke..it was a gift for my 17th birthday. The weird thing is that I had no idea it broke until someone told me at school..I wonder how long it stayed on my neck??


wednesday morning

(vintage romper, Forever 21 striped shirt, goodwill sweater, Urban Outfitters oxfords, Wet Seal belt)

This is a re-wear of this 60's romper from a vintage boutique in Sacramento..love the color and how versatile it is(hence the re-wear). Decided to do a cat eye for the past week and I'm trying to perfect the swoop action..it's a work in progress. My nails are my default You Don't Know Jacques by OPI xoxo


snowline hospice

These are some of my choices for a senior ball gown..the first is a vintage 70's lace dress that cost $5.75 at a thrift store, the second is an asian-inspired formal dress that i will get cut shorter..total cost of that one was $25 (it would have been $20 if i brought my student ID). Two totally different vibes, two gorgeous dresses..which one??? xoxo


i took the stars

(shirt from China, Forever 21 jeans, bag, and necklace; Sheik heels)

Today I decided to put on my $15 pair of heels I wore to winter formal last year..the shirt I got was at the Great Wall in China(obviously haha)


5 days

(Forever 21 jacket, Target romper, Vera Wang tights, Mom's old socks, Blowfish boots, Urban Outfitters necklace)

Sorry for being gone so long! Midterms are coming up...quite busy. Most days I've rocked the sweatshirt/jeans/sneakers combo, but today I decided to shake it up a tidge. xoxo


let's not and say we did

(Splendid gray vest, Nicolette plaid tunic, Forever 21 white shirt and leggings, Blowfish boots)

Happy March everyone! xoxo