try it on

(Goodwill blazer, American Apparel tank, Forever 21 jeans, H&M straw fedora)

Lovely memorial day weekend! I went shopping with some of my grad $$ (details of purchases tomorrow) and I finally achieved my DIY project with my molina bag I got in Venice Beach(which is where my AmerApar tank is from). I found some old patches in a thrift store when I vacationed in Florida and I sewed them on. I also dug around my grandma's old jewelry and found some old brooches to put on the bag too. Let me know what you think!



The time has finally come..I have officially grew a pair and bought Nars Schiap, which I plan to wear down to a nub. It has been the shade that I have been wanting since I saw it in Instyle a few years ago. Woo! I better wear it every damn day since I paid around 25 bucks for it... ;)


happiest place on earth?

Went to disneyland for our sober grad night..thought it was going to be fun but there was probably 100 high schools there..sure felt like it. 8 hour drive to the park, raged all night in the park(s), 8 hour drive back to Sac town. Everyone's a winner! Around 3 am I started to get a tidge delirious, so we decided to take pics to stay awake.


same as last year

(My mom's old work shirt, secondhand sweater, Forever 21 leggings, vintage necklace)

Today was my last day of high school..too bad there was (and still is) a huge downpour going on. I was warm & toasty though in this sweater/denim combo!


middle management

(Goodwill blazer, secondhand necklace, Wet Seal belt, Nordstrom top, American Apparel shorts, Wanted oxfords)

Went to a nice breakfast at Flower Farm with the family..such a gorgeous day walking through the nursery and the small coffee shop. The smell of roses was everywhere and it made me want to live out in the country with some chickens and a huge garden..I'm probably being unrealistic but I dare to dream :)

I decided to snap a photo of my growing closet, it is getting quite cramped and the pile of shoes at the bottom is almost too much to handle..I have to say I only wear about half of the shoes in there, so I'll need to do a spring cleaning soon.



Got this necklace when I visited Crater Lake a few years ago..It's actually my sister's but she's in college and she willingly left this behind.


one week left

(H&M cardigan and white tank dress, secondhand scarf, American Eagle leggings)

One week left of school and I have stopped making as much of an effort with my clothes..but I might as well keep documenting it right?


i don't know if you know

(Splendid purple vest, Forever 21 striped sweater, Goodwill shorts, Danskin tights, Tilly's rings)

Surprisingly cold day..it is May right??

Wore this owl ring and a few friends said it could be a legit weapon. True, true.


second saturday

(Goodwill striped top and shorts, Forever 21 leggings and bag, H&M sweater)

Wore this to second saturday..it's a fun event that happens the second saturday of every month(hence the title) and art galleries open up, there's music and flea markets as well as food. Fun night!


bright idea

(H.I.P. top, Forever 21 vest and necklaces, Aero jeans)

This top puts me in a particularly happy mood despite a stressful week of school so far..love how it matched the white jeans but then again almost everything goes with white (if you know how to wear it)


pajama jeans

(Hanes guy vneck, Aero jeggings)

About three people asked me if my jeans were the infamous Pajama Jeans infomercial jeans...I wish cuz they look super comfy, but my jeans were actually super stretchy and comfy as well. Definitely a rewear in the near future.


forever young

(vintage dress :D)

Senior Ball '11. Amazing Night. More Pics To Come. Soon.


maybe i will maybe i won't

(secondhand top, H&M skirt, Juicy Couture necklace)

So I guess today was our school's Senior Ditch Day..I had no idea so I went to school anyway. Definitely didn't have to because all I did was play catch phrase in one class and sit outside in the other. I did basically finish my painting though, which I will post a pic of soon!



(secondhand vest, Hanes tshirt, Forever 21 skirt, H&M hat, Urban Outfitters necklace)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! First time I wore this menswear vest that i got for a quarter..it was really warm though, especially on a temp of 80s. uhhh completely worth it :)


wish friends

(Target romper, Lost & Found top, Urban Outfitters necklace)

I've been taking pictures of random things lately despite my canon powershot...my dream camera is a canon 5D which I should start saving for sooner rather than later..

My friend let me borrow some of her incense today..smelled amazing but I couldn't find a burner so I had to improvise. The weather has been in the 80's so I wore my romper today..usually use it for airplane flights since it is so comfortable, but today I made an exception.