(Urban Outfitters romper, vintage lace top, Goodwill denim vest, Charlotte Russe boots, secondhand necklaces)

Went to get fitted at Victoria's Secret and the clerk said my ensemble looked "peaceful"..okay! I was in that mood anyway so I guess it all works out. Everyone's a winner!


that 60s show

(vintage paisley top and romper(underneath), secondhand necklaces, Wanted oxfords, Forever 21 bookbag)

This is an outfit re-wear(shhh) but I got these two 60's pieces at a vintage store..both for under $25. Score!


spring break album April 18-22

Fun week of shopping, beach, and family time. Now I have to nurse an embarrassing sunburn!


here comes the sun

(Target romper, Scrapbook thermal)

Gearing up for spring break..heading to Tampa, Florida and I will be bringing my laptop and Canon Powershot(oh yeah!) to keep up the posts. Happy Spring Break!


casual corner

(Goodwill blazer, forever 21 romper, DIY necklaces)

Love this romper..I have a thing for florals and if it's super comfy then SCORE! Found the jacket at Goodwill..it was a good find, it goes with pretty much anything. The necklaces were a fun crafty project a couple years back. Don't match anything but since when is matching required??


Love Modcloth

Full skirt dress
$160 - modcloth.com

Strapless empire waist dress
$105 - modcloth.com

Bow dress
$55 - modcloth.com

$25 - modcloth.com

Soiree tight
$15 - modcloth.com

Knee high shoes
$59 - modcloth.com

Wrap scarve
$13 - modcloth.com

the anthem

(Secondhand shirt and shorts, Danskin tights, H&M sweater)

Had an interesting day..evryone kept asking me about my eye(i had pink eye but it's not contagious anymore) and it made me feel quite irritated. All I wanted was to go through my day unnnoticed..which is something not usual in the fashion world. Oh well, this is high school for you.


extreme menswear?

Today was an interesting one..I got paint on my ten dollar h&m shirt(acrylic so it won't wash out..of course),got a "nice boots" from an elderly man at the grocery store, and as part of a social psychology project I had to "break fashion norms" by putting on a menswear piece. I honestly didn't see any norms breaking cuz I thought my dad's jacket was quite cute..now all I need is a tie :)


not alone in this

(Urban Outfitters top and shoes, American Apparel shorts, Wet Seal belt, Tilly's cardigan, H&M necklace)

Typical monday..nothing too out of the ordinary. Wore my saddle shoes/oxfords that I wear constantly. Super comfortable, especially with a nice pair of soft socks. Still trying to master the cat-eye swoop thing. It's coming along I think...


summer well

(Goodwill vest, secondhand sheer top, Forever 21 skirt, Carlotte Russe boots)

Here was my weekend..had some oreos and peanut butter(one of my favorite combos), went shopping and found a limited edition Snuggie for $4.50, and bought jewelry to go with my senior ball dress. Success!