jacob's pillow pd.

Sorry for the long break! I went to Boston for a few days for a dance trip. We were able to perform at the legendary Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, where all kinds of dance legends have performed (examples are Margot Fonteyn, Merce Cunningham, etc.). Such an amazing time! I have a lot of dance action shots but those will be coming shortly :)


drama club

(Crossroads top, Forever 21 skirt, Target sandals)

Lazy Sunday for sure..went out to get facial cleansing wipes, came back with two shopping bags: one from Target, one from Goodwill. Ahh, the joys of retail therapy :)

Found a classic denim jacket for $11 that will last me a lot of ensembles, and I stocked up on dance/exercise clothes for college. BFA in dance, let's do this!!


they weren't looking

(American Apparel shorts, Nordstrom tank, Forever 21 vest, Hue socks, Urban Outfitters oxfords)

Oh dear, I look like an 8 year old boy...

My mom said I looked cute though so that's special :)

Anyway, took a road trip to Foresthill because it was around 104 degrees at home..was a bit of a drive so I goofed with the camera in the car(clearly because you can see my lovely water bottle). Stopped at this cute boutique called PJ's Collectibles, had random dolls and vintage bridal dresses. But here's the kicker: I found a pair of Current/Elliot Boyfriend jeans on sale for 20 dollars! From an original $215!!
Oh man words cannot express how exciting and rare this occasion is...